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Words of Art: Baerthe

8. 6. 2021

I'd love for my business to grow more and become very stable, says graphics artist Baerthe.


Welcome to Hogw…I mean, Strixhaven!

13. 5. 2021

If you haven’t ended up baked in a pie or stomped on by a Godzilla, now is your chance to explore a world where Wizards took an inspiration, for a change, from…

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Words of Art: Eliska "Elda" Wernerova

4. 5. 2021

I think the most important thing is to determine what you like to draw and find a target audience based on that, says our manga artist, Eliska Wernerova.

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Words of Art: David Morgado

20. 4. 2021

I'm a regular geek, says one of our artists, David Morgado.

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Words of Art: David Lee

13. 4. 2021

Drawing is a hobby for me, says David Lee, author of popular webcomic Durdling Around.

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Words of Art: Sebastian Colea

6. 4. 2021

I would like to work as a freelance fantasy illustrator, says Sebastian Colea.

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