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Theros Beyond Death: Chapter 4

28. 2. 2020

What sacrifices are you willing to make, when the fate of whole world it is in stake? And what precautions and acts are you willing to take? Ask Klothys, the God of Destiny - a keeper, a watcher, a fate-shaper.


Theros Beyond Death: Chapter 3

24. 2. 2020

The God of the Sun is not accustomed to fail. By reminiscing the past of Theros and himself, he tries to find the key to doing something not attempted before, and…

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Theros Beyond Death: Chapter 2

14. 2. 2020

The Nightmare Weaver had always its plans with Theros. Some came together, others had been thwarted. But does it really matter for Ashiok? For after all, it might…

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Theros Beyond Death: Chapter 1

6. 2. 2020

Dear friends, today we launch an exclusive series that you find only on In the weeks to follow, you could read the Theros Beyond Death story here.…

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Become an ambassador and get rewards!

5. 2. 2020

Are you a fan of us and are our tokens an essential part of your games? Help us to reach more players and we will reward you for that! Announcing - the ambassador…

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What new things awaits you in February?

4. 2. 2020

Very soon, you will have the chance to choose from new tokens not only from our established artists, but also from a brand new one! Let's look what (not only) new…

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