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The tokens must flow!

8. 5. 2017

The plane of Amonkhet, known as … Bolas’s terrarium. Home of the oasis of Naktamun. Naktamun shelters the only true life on Amonkhet. Whoever lives in Naktamun, has a pretty messed up life. The God-Pharaoh is coming, and better be prepared… Okay, stop reminiscing about sleepless nights, waiting for the harvesters to return to base and looking for quivering sand…:)


Viva la Revolt!

19. 2. 2017

This winter might be the coldest in fifty years here, but on Kaladesh, things are becoming quite hot.

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To Kaladesh with the twelfth batch!

28. 9. 2016

Like Mirrodin, Kaladesh is also full of machines. How have we coped with it?

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