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To Kaladesh with the twelfth batch!

28. 9. 2016

Like Mirrodin, Kaladesh is also full of machines. How have we coped with it?

With the twelfth batch, we are leaving the gloomy Innistrad for sunny and colorful Kaladesh. There were less new tokens than we expected, but we believe we are bringing you all the important tokens you are going to need for playing.

Besides the expected comeback of Thopters we received more little mechanical helpers - none else than ground-based Servos. But look out - they often simply do what they want.




The aether and its energy is maybe even more important on Kaladesh than money itself. Therefore, it is very important to carefully keep track how much of it do you have left.




Who would shy away from a good company? Especially one that cleans streets for you with almost no effort.




Because we flippantly and reprehensibly omitted the Conspiracy: Take the Crown set, Her Majesty Queen Marchesa, First of Her Name, etc., etc. sent her Assassin after us. Cross your fingers for us!




We managed to convince one of our artists that people really like  - and miss - her chibi artworks, so she came back after quite a long hiatus. Thanks to that, you can now follow us to the cellar - look who is waiting here....




End of this year is close, so it's time to present you last two kits. Pack Rat for September/October and Centaur for November/December season. Go to the events, because you cannot get these pretty things in other way - except from the victors. But only if they would want to trade or sell them... Would you like to have your own foil Pack Rat or Centaur, but your shop does not offer these kits? Ask your local store to buy one quickly!







Game kits are available for stores only! If you are a shop owner and you are interested in wholesale and game kits, you can contact us or make direct registration to get access for those special products and wholesale prices.


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