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What new things awaits you in February?

4. 2. 2020

Very soon, you will have the chance to choose from new tokens not only from our established artists, but also from a brand new one! Let's look what (not only) new Theros is bringing.

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Poor Oko was hit by the mighty banhammer from many sides in the recent months, but you can still play the fey trickster on Legacy, Vintage and especially Commander. Lay a few of those cute Elks ostentatiously by your library, smile and enjoy the frightened looks of your opponents...




Do you like kitties? And squirrels? What can be more cool than a vampire kitty or a squirrel that shows you that Amazon and the army are not the only ones testing drones?  :-)

news_58_259.png news_58_261.png news_58_260.png



We prepared for the return to Theros very thoroughly. Bigger need for Goats drove us to make a new version (the original one was a promo included only in this package), and it was also necessary to make a new Satyr, who is smaller and cannot block (probably has been drinking too much). We also took the risk and made a Nightmare, but the new Ashiok fares good so far and there won't be a shortage of people who want to scare their opponents. The trio is completed by a girl who went for a swim and found herself a new friend.  Oh, and there was some trickster magic involved as well, probably by Oko himself, because in the data for the print facility, some Elk appeared mysteriously...

news_58_253.png news_58_257.png news_58_255.png
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And notw it is time to introduce our new reinforcement. Robert aka Baerthe is an graphic and UX designer  with a strong focus on tabletop and trading card games and fan-content. At this moment, he has more than 80 own tokens to offer, where part of them is sorted by editions they originally appeared. And every one of those sets has its own unique design! Almost the complete sortiment is going to be available, most of them also in foil treatment. Here are some examples.

news_58_262.png news_58_263.png news_58_269.png
news_58_264.png news_58_265.png news_58_270.png
news_58_266.png news_58_267.png news_58_271.png


Are you looking forward to the new things? The tokens arrive in approximately two weeks. Follow our Facebook or Instagram, you will know the very second when the new batch arrives!



New at store

Pilot MTG token 1/1

Pilot MTG token 1/1

Artist: kimithepumpkin
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Spirit MTG token 1/1 (v.3)


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Frog MTG token 3/3

Frog MTG token 3/3

Artist: Leah Andersen
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