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Words of Art: David Morgado

20. 4. 2021

I'm a regular geek, says one of our artists, David Morgado.

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Please, introduce yourself shortly.

Hi! I'm David, born and raised in Portugal, but currently living in Poland. For a few years now, I teach English in order to pay my bills. However, my real passion is in games and, of course, art!


Really? What game is your favorite?

Hard to choose! But I’d say that old school RPG’s like Fallout and Planescape: Torment have a special place in my heart. It’s amazing that even 20+ years later, I can still replay them from time to time and find something new in them. Lately, however, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Mortal Kombat 11!


How long have you been drawing?

Since I was a child, but let's face it, every child draws. :P

I started taking drawing more seriously during universtiy, however. I studied multimedia design because back then I was very into 3d modelling. I regarded drawing\painting as a „relic from the past“. Luckily, on my first year we had like 6 hours of drawing per week, and the teacher was... specific. Most students didn't like him due to his attitude, but that attitude of his „pressed all my buttons“, motivating me to put extra effort into my work on the subject. I ended up enjoying drawing a lot more than 3d work, so after that it was a snowball! 




What is your favorite drawing theme?

Well, I'm a regular “geek”, grew up watching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. So mainly Fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff. I did evolve to prefer more realistic sci-fi, though.


What do you think is the hardest thing about an artist's job?

Definitely becoming known and gathering a following. The pareto distribution is very real in the art world, I feel.

Also, the constant mental struggle, self-doubt (and this is coming form someone who is quite confident overall!) and being able to simplify an image to it’s barest while still keeping it interesting to look at.


How did you get to know Magic: the Gathering?

I was introduced to MtG by a couple of classmates of mine in high-school. Onslaught had just been released.

Funny thing is that at first I kind of mocked them for playing a card game (I was a lot more into video-games). But eventually, through their persistence I ended up trying it and loved it! I started buying my own cards and building my own decks the very next day!


What do you like most about the game and what do you dislike?

I love the aspect of subtle synergies between certain cards and\or zones that create overall strategies and\or combos (game ending or otherwise).

As for what I dislike the most, I’d have to go with the “luck factor”. I know that it is part of the game’s design, and I find it ok and fun to a certain point. But (and maybe it’s because I only play on Arena at the moment = more games per unite of time) I’ve been finding myself playing way too many “non-matches” than I’d like.




When did you think of starting to create your own tokens?

A bit before the start of the COVID pandemic. When I moved to Poland 6 years ago, life got so busy that I simply didn’t have the time or energy to draw or paint, for several years. So 2 years ago I finally managed to make some time to get back to drawing, but this time I decided to focus on a simple, realistic to achieve goal in the short term. Making tokens for MtG seemed like a good idea, especially if I’d focus on a more graphic style (something I had wanted to do for a while, as a self-education thing), and voila!


Is there a specific goal you would like to achieve?

Yes! I'd love that one day I could make a living 100% out of making art!


Are you open to commissions?

Yes I do!


Where can people see your art and reach you?

They can check me out on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. For the moment I'm only comfortable showing my tokens, but I expect that in the future I'll be sharing some other works of mine.

If someone wants to talk to me, they can either send me a message on one of those social media sites, or email me.


Thanks for your time, David, we look forward to your next tokens and webcomic!


As David is part of our artist group, check out his awesome tokens. By purchasing them, you will support his work!




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