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Check out the new (not only) Ikoria tokens!

24. 5. 2020

Even a worldwide pandemic cannot prevent us from bringing you tokens for your favorite Magic: the Gathering game ;)

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Before we tell you about all the new things that you can soon find in our store, allow us to write a couple lines about the issue that affects us all, but as of now, especially our customers and fans in the US. We feel that it is our obligation to provide you with maximum of information to understand the problem.


Yes, we want to talk about the speed of transatlantic delivery from Europe to US just now. Many of those are on their way for many weeks and still not delivered, it even seems that they were lost. We assure you - they were not. The global pandemic brings, among many others, one unpleasant consequence – almost total ongoing cancellation of commercial flights between Europe and US. And because the normal mail packages (in both directions) are transported by those commercial flights by „utilizing free space and weight“, the delivery to the USPS central storage of international mail in New York, drastically slowed down and was delayed. Of course, we are not happy about this, but as the USPS representative informed us, an improvement cannot be expected no sooner than President Trump lifts the restrictions on aerial transport. Let’s hope it happens soon and we would kindly like our customers, especially those with their shipments on their way, for patience.


And now, to the news!


First of all, let us introduce two new artists and their token product lines. The first is Anthony Christou from Australia. Anthony is a big fan of fantasy and mythology, and his portfolio as digital artist, illustrator and graphic novelist is truly impressive. His work is seen on many events across Australia. We are very happy that Anthony decided to collaborate with us and we offer you a taste of his work through our tokens.


news_67_305.png  news_67_306.png  news_67_307.png 
news_67_308.png news_67_309.png news_67_310.png


The other new name is Andrew Thompson from Ohio, US. Andrew has a very impressive style and he is a fan of Magic: the Gathering himself. His work was used by such big names like Lucasfilm, Marvel or WotC themselves. And we hope that his own line of tokens grows in numbers soon!


news_67_299.png  news_67_300.png  news_67_301.png 
news_67_302.png news_67_303.png news_67_304.png


Despite all the problems the world is coping with currently, it appears that Ikoria and especially the accompanying Commander are very popular among players. Because who would not like Godzilla, right? Especially the Japanese fans must be delighted beyond measure – after all, three of the box toppers exist only and exclusively in Japanese mutation and thanks to a printing error, they got only into the Japanese booster boxes and not into the Collector Boosters in other languages. But also the rest of  the set is not exactly what you would call „normal“ and  the Ikorian fauna often makes you think that the R&D was designing JumpStart for so long that they forgot they are working on Ikoria already.  And someone probably put something quite funky into their coffee halfway through.  A winged fox? No problem. A whale-wolf? NOW we are talking! The bizarre combinations of course happened also to the tokens, but after the Tentacle from Theros, we are far and beyond any surprise from anything. So, here they come!


Although we had to make a selection, a flying shark was quite a no-brainer and we still believe that the Sharknado….sorry, Shark Typhoon, is such a good and funny card that the tables would be flooded by sharks soon. And because Ikoria is probably the most Cat (normal) set ever (a whooping 18!), we could not leave them aside, unless we would like to have our eyes clawed out by Snapdax himself. Along with our heads. So here you go – a dino-cat AND a cat-bird! These are accompanied by the Hydra that you can use with Hydra Broodmaster from Journey into Nyx, and also one of older pieces we felt that we owe you – a gorgeous redhead Elemental for Omnath.


news_67_285.png  news_67_286.png  news_67_287.png 
news_67_288.png news_67_289.png  


And let’s stay with the cats for awhile more. The new token from Andrea Radeck is officially a Faerie, but…




Fans of the cartoon animals from Leah Andersen aka Cats & Cantrips, rejoice! Also Leah believes in the flying shark power, and per her fans‘ wishes, she also made a 5/3 Elemental and above all, a 4/4 Zombie Warrior for the eternalized Oketra. Would you guess what the mummy has in her right hand?


news_67_290.png news_67_291.png news_67_292.png


The amazingly designed tokens by Baerthe were an immense success, so we put more of them on this batch’s printsheet. Half of them is brand new, so if you missed the Goat, Beast or Sliver, now your time has come!


news_67_293.png  news_67_294.png  news_67_295.png 
news_67_296.png news_67_297.png news_67_298.png


Is that all for today? No way, our friends! Time for a bonus!


Beside much weirdness, Ikoria brought also one very interesting thing game-wise. Yeah, we are talking about the ability counters. So many of them here that it feels like in casino with chips. Forget that you can get away with coins and dice here. You would lose the track what is what after a couple turns. You would need these tokens, and unless your manual skills are quite good, you would have to rely on the punchboard ones included in some boosters. Quite frankly, those are not anything you’d write your mom about and easy to get lost. So we put our minds on it with Baerthe and designed counters that are just superior to them in all regards.




In our counter set, you will find a total of 32 double-sided counters (every side has different ability on it). Each one has a diameter of 25 mm, but – above all – it is 2,5 mm thick! A company specializing on boardgame components is printing them for us.

The design was made by Baerthe and as you can see for yourself, it’s a bit  different league. We also thought about players who like older cards, so you can find counters like Divinity, Doom or Bribery here. The set would be available for purchase in the second half of June, in a limited run.


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