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Unique promo MTG tokens (not only) for collectors

10. 4. 2024

In the past, we have created a number of tokens and playmats for Magic: the Gathering players for various occasions that were not available for purchase in our store. However, since there are many collectors among you, we decided to make something special for you now.

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We've released a small, limited run of all promo tokens so you can add to your collections. However, they differ from their predecessors in one key way: we released the original promo tokens as foil, while the new ones are in regular form. However, as we also have a small number of some of the original ones left, this is a unique opportunity to get some real one-offs for your collection.

But remember, this opportunity will disappear at the end of May!

Now let's take a little excursion into the past. Meet our promo tokens!


Game Kits

Between 2015 and 2017 we created several game kits. They were designed exclusively for WPN stores to support organized play. Each kit included a set of foil tokens, a playmat and a poster, all with a unique illustration. Overall, very few of these products reached players. Here you can see what all the kits contained. 




French Championship 2015

In 2015, as a tournament sponsor, we prepared a gift for every participant of The French Championship. It took the form of a foil token. The Templar (Warrior token) is directly related to French history, and in the background, a real location is depicted - a location in the city of Toulouse, where the whole event takes place.




Grand Prix Prague 2015

In the same year we wanted to present all GP Prague participants with another unique token in the form of Saint Wenceslav, a famous Czech historical legend. Unfortunately, although the event organizer was excited about the idea, the whole initiative was ruined by the intervention of WotC. However, the tokens could eventually be obtained during this event and the same event the following year from one of the vendors.




Tokens in Mexico
Our manga tokens have also found fans in Mexico. So we delved into Mexican mythology, chose the god Quetzalcoatl as our theme and created several promo items as celebration of the release of our products to Mexican market. The participants received a unique token and the winner was awarded a special playmat.




Top European Series
The following year, thanks to our cooperation with the event organizer, all participants of the tournament in Amsterdam June 24-26th got the opportunity to get a unique foil Elf Warrior token.




And that concludes our list. Yes, there are a few more tokens, but we usually give them out at Christmas as gifts with orders, or you can get them as part of our ambassador program.


New at store

Spirit MTG token 3/2

Spirit MTG token 3/2

Artist: Peter Mohrbacher
Code: pmo331


2.99 $

+ -
Plant MTG token 1/1

Plant MTG token 1/1

Artist: Alfie
Code: aad279


1.99 $

+ -
Robot MTG token 3/3

Robot MTG token 3/3

Artist: Leah Andersen
Code: lea622


1.49 $

+ -

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