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Classic tokens from old masters

2. 5. 2019

How would tokens look if they came with the first Magic: the Gathering sets in 1993? Maybe just like these.

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Are you an old-school player? A fan of the original style of art, canvas hand-painted illustrations that the Magic cards prevalently sported till 2000? Then you would be excited about almost 50 new tokens, printed in limited printrun, and because they are being sold in USa for some time, there are not many left. The arts were made exclusively by artists that you know from the VERY old cards, and the styles of some of them became indeed iconic. Let's introduce some of them.


Richard Kane Ferguson

Richard's style is truly unique, and everyone who plays for more than a couple of years probably remembers cards like Pillage, Dissipate, or the favorite Price of Progress. From the said 50, Richard made a whole three -  Angel, Elemental a Soldier.


news_52_208.png  news_52_209.jpg 


Richard Thomas

Blue Elemental Blast, Tsunami and, above all, the much cursed  Jokulhaups. These are the iconic cards bearing the name Richard Thomas in their artist credit, and you can find their common motif of "foamy waves" in one of his tokens. 


news_52_210.jpg  news_52_211.jpg 


Drew Tucker

Drew's art is almost inherently linked to Fallen Empires, the set with the most arts from him. His style is characteristic by the lack of details that he, by his own words, leaves on author's imagination. Drew painted e.g. both versions of Plateau, Winds of Rath, and the younger players might remember Deathbringer Liege from Eventide.


news_52_212.jpg  news_52_213.jpg 

Randy Gallegos

You are probably familiar with Randy's arts even if you are rather new. His first Magic arts came with Ice Age in 1995, but you find his arts in even the most recent sets. His work changed substantially along the years, just try and put Melting and Tome of the Guildpact side by side ;)

news_52_214.jpg  news_52_215.jpg 

Jeff A. Menges

Do you remember the once standard green two-mana creature, Grizzly Bears? Do you still have an original art Swords to Plowshares in one of your decks? Have you enviously eyed the lucky guys who own a Bazaar of Baghdad? All of these (and more) is Jeff, one of the so-called twenty-five, a group of artists that backed the very beginning of MTG. Now you can have a Bear, a Merfolk or even a Dragon among your tokens!


news_52_216.jpg  news_52_217.jpg 


Are you interested also in other artists and their tokens? You can find all 49 tokens that were printed in this edition. We have just a limited amount available, so do not hesitate?



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