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Tokens Ahoy! Sixteenth batch on the horizon!

2. 10. 2017

Avast, ye mateys! Unfurl the sails! Let’s leave this goddamned pile of sand to that blasted two-horned ol‘ dragonface and come to Ixalan, where great dangers and even greater treasures await us! We will be stinkin’ rich in a couple of days…or we’ll die trying! Yarrrr!!!

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Okay, with that out of my throat, let’s have a look on what you can find in our sixteenth batch of tokens!

Let’s kick it off with a Horse! This beauty surely likes the rays of the sun, as seen from her tan. This is also - at this moment - our final farewell to Amonkhet.




The second one is something that many story-knowing veterans almost lost hope to ever see on a card.  The nekoru of Dominaria, the most renowned of which is Queen Wasitora of Madara, are a perfect match of cat’s grace and cunning with the ferocity and might of dragons.




Though Ixalan went full broadside with the Pirate onslaught, we had a couple appetizers this winter in Kaladesh.  Welcome the sweet monkey prince Charming and loyal familiar of Karpani Zevanwat, also known as Captain Kari Zev. We could not name him Ragavan, but we think it’ll do anyway ;)




What’s better than treasure? Every pirate from the Brazen Coalition on Ixalan knows the answer by their heart. Even MORE treasure! With our new Treasure token and its beautiful warden, you’ll never have shortage of it.




And, of course, the Organized Play Kit. I think you saw this coming from a nautical mile away, sails flying high and cannons blazing.




Game kits are available for stores only! If you are a shop owner and you are interested in wholesale and game kits, you can contact us or make direct registration to get access for those special products and wholesale prices.


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Bird Illusion MTG token 1/1


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Citizen MTG token 1/1


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Demon MTG token 3/3

Demon MTG token 3/3

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