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Viva la Revolt!

19. 2. 2017

This winter might be the coldest in fifty years here, but on Kaladesh, things are becoming quite hot.

The thirteenth batch of tokens is here! You will not exactly find this token on Kaladesh, but for the first time since Time Spiral, it got a couple of new friends here. Certain two brothers with their factories would rejoice anyway. :)




The Atarka dragons of Tarkir are not the only ones who enjoy eating a lot. And if you want to be a loving and caring (brood)mother, you will make sure you babies won’t ever be hungry.




Speaking of what, you needn’t to be a dragon to have really ravenous appetite. You won’t probably scare anyone on Kaladesh by threatening to "release a kraken". But THIS might be a wholly different story altogether ;)




The mastermind behind Kaladesh’s darker side was shown to be nobody other than our arrogant and scheming old acquaintance, the glorious bastard Tezzeret. He learned a few new tricks along the line, not the last of which is manufacturing his own mana-power cells for later use.




Last but not least, the January/February WPN kits once again offer not one, but TWO tokens at once. This time they are coming from one quite hard-to-get-rid-of gelatinous thing…




With the exception of the Assembly-Worker, the new tokens are illustrated by a new member of our artist team, Nina Sommer a.k.a. Ninaha Kazuko, who we sincerely welcome among us. She is also the author of the March/April WPN kit illustration, featuring one peculiar cat ;-)




Game kits are available for stores only! If you are a shop owner and you are interested in wholesale and game kits, you can contact us or make direct registration to get access for those special products and wholesale prices.


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