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Words of Art: Alexandre Honoré

30. 3. 2021

An artistic career is not a race, says illustrator Alexandre Honoré. Starting today, every Tuesday, we'll introduce you one of the illustrators in our new “Words of Art” section.

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Please, introduce yourself shortly.

Hello, My name is Alexandre Honoré, I'm a freelance illustrator for publishing, entertainment and games since 2006-2007. I am both traditional and digital artist. But this last year I am mostly a digital painter. Everything has to go faster !


How long have you been drawing?

As far as I remember, I've drawn for I could hold a pen. This passion follows me from my childhood and became serious at the end of high school. So I decided to become a professional artist. I did not have the chance to go in Art School but I had a one year instruction course in illustration with a comic book artist. I was also working hard the next 3 years. In 2006-2007 serious things happened and I've started my career as a children book illustrator, going till 2016. Then I decided to move to fantasy art and to work in the entertainment industry till today.


What is your favorite drawing theme?

I love modern fantasy genre and explore new worlds that depict a strong narrative driven universe.  Sometimes I'm working on more futuristic stuff but that is not my comfort zone.




What do you think is the hardest thing about an artist’s job?

This a job where you're alone with your doubts, your success, your pains, your life etc... The hardest thing is to stay focused and strong, for never giving up. Being obstinate is a great strength. Staying in touch with other artists or a community is really great too. Being an artist is a pretty damn  hard way ! You encounter a lots of obstacles that could you stop. Believe me, I received as many hits of sledge hammer as successes !  :)


How did you start with  Magic: the Gathering?

It was an artistic goal since I was 15 and I was an active player at the end of the 90's. This game changed my artistic vision and with no idea on how to get working for Wizards of the Coast it became a quest ! But since 2016, when I decided to move into serious fantasy, I've worked hard with this goal in mind. As soon as I had new relevant pieces of work, I sent them to Wizards. And the magic actually  happened earlier this year !


Really? That’s great! How long have you been trying to get a job at WotC?

I've been a children book illustrator for 9 years, so during this period my work wasn't good enough and mainly it didn't fit to the WOTC artline. But I've rebuilt a new portfolio at the end of 2016 and restarted my artist career from zero (new market, new clients, new style of work...). So it took me 4 years of hard work, doubts and lots of obstacles in the way !


Does that mean we'll see cards with your illustrations in the near future? 

Yes of course ! I'm currently working on my first cards and I really hope there will be a bunch of others !


By the way, which is your favorite set?

I've always been an oldschool player, so I've never played with the recent sets. A month ago I've started MTG Arena to fix it ! However artisticaly, I love Innistrad, Dominaria, Kaladesh, Ikoria and Kaldheim




Do you have a goal you would like to achieve?

For now, my main goal is to make good art and staying fresh. The next step would be probably working for movies or TV shows. I don't know exactly yet.  I also would like  to get back to traditional art and to develop my oil painting skills.


Do you accept commissions?

I have full schedule right now. I do not accept any more personal commissions, but If you're a company with a really exciting project, feel free to reach out !


Many beginning artists do not know much about self-presentation and how to attract new customers. What would you advise them?

Whatever your skills level, the most important thing is to have a portfolio with consistent quality of work. So it's better to have 5 strong artworks rather than 10 of average quality. Watch in detail the art line of the clients you would like to work for. And if your work fits well and your skills are as good as their best artists, you'll have all the chance to get hired. But if you are a beginner, be humble and start with small companies first. They are a great opportunity to get experience and improve your work. It is also easier to get hired with them.

Don't be in impatient, an artistic career is not a race, every one builds it  themselves with the time and the opportunities. Have fun in your work, make it good and the magic’s gonna work !


Where can people see your arts and reach you?

@alexandrehonoreart is my instagram account where you can find my current work and my daily sketches.

You can find me also through my websiteartstation or facebook. I'm not really active on twitter.


Thanks for your time, Alexandre, we wish you good luck in your job!


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