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Did you know that we also print custom playmats?

17. 5. 2019

What’s better than a purchased playmat? Of course one with a picture that no one else has. And now you can have exactly such a playmat!

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Why not to have your pet, your girlfriend or an unique terrain for your armies on your playmat?

For several years already, TokensForMTG.com manufactures playmats for stores and organizers. As prizes, promo materials or unique gifts for customers.  Now, we are expanding our offer by more sizes and upgraded variants (e.g. stitched edges that prevents fraying even after long usage) and we want to offer this also to you!

Our biggest advantage is that we can provide you really with one piece. Not a hundred, not a thousand – a single unique mat with the design you provide. Some dimensions and variants you won’t find anywhere else than in our store.


Mouse pad (200*240 mm) - 15.99 EUR

Playmat classic (310*650 mm) - 19.99 EUR

Playmat classic with stitched edges (310*650 mm) - 23.99 EUR

Double mat (600*800 mm) - 34.99 EUR

Double mat with stitched edges (600*800 mm) - 39.99 EUR

Table mat (914 * 914 mm) - 74.99 EUR


Do you want to see examples of our work?


Playmats for Slovakia Nationals in 2017.




Magic Barcelona asked us for playmats for their customers and events.




This is one of many we made for a Hungarian local card game.




With regard to the difficulty of manufacturing process, we accept orders of minimal price of 230 EUR. We therefore offer two ways: The first is an aggregated order from more people who will coordinate their request, e.g. in a community. The second is asking your LGS or wargaming vendor. For stores and event organizers we offer wholesale option, and if they use it, you can order your playmat through them.


These playmats are not a part of our e-shop, if you are interested, contact us and we can provide you with details and instructions about required graphics.


New at store

Squirrel MTG token 1/1


1.99 $

+ -
Thopter MTG token 1/1


1.99 $

+ -
Vampire MTG token 1/1


1.99 $

+ -

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